Himanshu Gaurav Singh

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I am a first-year PhD student at Berkeley AI Research, co-advised by Prof. Pieter Abbeel and Jitendra Malik. I obtained my Bachelor's degree in CS from IIT-Delhi. I have previously spent time working on robot-learning with Prof. Rohan Paul and Parag Singla, LLMs with Prof. Mausam and extreme classification with Prof. Manik Verma. I enjoy talking to people about science, research and humans.



Neuro-symbolic programs for language-guided robot manipulation
Namasivayam K*, Himanshu Gaurav Singh*, Vishal Bindal*, Arnav Tuli, Rahul Jain, Vishwajeet Aggrawal, Parag Singla, Rohan Paul

ICRA 2023 | NeurIPS 2022 Workshop | Paper | Code

Have LLMs Advanced Enough? A Challenging Problem Solving Benchmark For Large Language Models
Daman Arora*, Himanshu Gaurav Singh*, Mausam

EMNLP 2023 | Paper | Code